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Holland America Line Fast-Tracks Invoicing Process With Custom Help From Brenock

Holland America Line Fast-Tracks Invoicing Process With Custom Help From Brenock

When Holland America Line needed to overhaul its invoicing system, the company didn’t have to look far. Over a four year period, Brenock’s team of marine software experts had already proven their value in helping the cruise provider upgrade many of their current operational processes. Among the improvements for Holland America’s operational processes was the development of a web-based certificate management tool that was instrumental in overcoming significant logistical challenges.

Senior Manager Rashid Sykes realized that in order to operate more efficiently they had to figure out a way to avoid the constant invoicing delays and errors that often result in cost overruns and persistent backlogs. Rashid required a technology partner that could provide a custom solution, and for this he turned to Brenock. The ability to proactively contribute feedback, improvements and ideas at every turn was also a high priority. Brenock’s renowned adaptability and responsiveness made his choice a slam dunk.

“Along with their vast experience in developing software solutions for the marine industry, Brenock’s hands-on service and support makes them a true partner in building our success as a business,” said Sykes. “They are always willing to invest time, fine tuning systems to meet special needs and enhance performance.”

Of particular relevance to Sykes was the ability to transform paper-intensive manual processes into automated systems with user-friendly functionality. Tailoring their Invoice Management System software app to simplify transactions with vendors, Brenock created a two-step process where Port Agents could upload their invoices and Holland America could approve them using any computer connected to the Internet. Invoices are paid quicker and an online portal enables 24/7 tracking with status updates at every step. Other benefits include real time audited foreign exchange, department analysis and control, improved cash flow, and reduced prefunding.

“Whether it’s providing round-the-clock access to information or saving money via quicker payments that time out favorably with exchange rates, our invoice solution offers a wealth of benefits,” said Brenock President Manus Walsh. “They start on day one and continue their productive impact over the long haul.”

For Holland America’s Sykes, it’s that here today, here tomorrow commitment that makes Brenock the ideal software development and project management partner.

“A good product can fall short without great service behind it,” Sykes observed. “From swiftly resolving issues and offering expert feedback, to training our vendors to ensure that they were using the invoice system effectively, Brenock’s support was a game changer for us.”

As past experience has shown, when Holland America Line is ready to make future enhancements, they can count on Brenock 100 percent to jump back in and take them to the next level.

Brenock, the developer of the Invoice Management System, is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They provide many products designed to meet specific needs within the marine industry, such as certificate management and compliance, project management, personnel management, logistics, procurement, invoice management, and much more. They can be contacted toll free at (800) 496-7066, or online at

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