Luxury High End Crestron Home Automation Services | ESTATE MANAGERS
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As the responsible person for an estate, you have enough to worry about, without having to be an expert on electronics systems. We’ll be your on-call technology expert ready to respond whenever needed. Have a water leak? Don’t wait for the cleaning staff to find out. Did your foreman forget to set the alarm when they left? Be the first to know. Want to grant access to the florist? Do it from the comfort of your home. The estate is under your control, via a smartphone or iPad, wherever you may be. You can ‘see’ what’s happening via our indoor and outdoor smart cameras, and control lights, shades, locks, gates, pool/hot-tub, audio/video and just about any electronic or electrical system in the home.


We are constantly monitoring our systems health as they monitor your estate’s conditions. Both you and our team are notified when action is required.