As many of the ordinary systems around your home have become more powerful, the challenge has also grown to simplify their use. We are a company founded by “geeks” who love technology.  The bedrock of our company is our commitment to “the service experience”. Our mission is to tame technology to serve our clientele. Using a wide range of user interfaces (remotes, touch screens, mobile devices) IMS develops a seamless interface to all the electronic subsystems in your home.

The benchmark for us is clear: create a user interface that anyone can use without any prior system knowledge. We see that amid all the vast changes in these related technologies, an opportunity exists to develop something special. The only thing more important to us than building great systems is exceeding our customer’s expectations of what a service company is all about. We hope that our sense of family and commitment shared between our coworkers transcends the boxes we sell and is shared by our loyal customer base. For more information on how IMS can work for you, please feel free to call or email us for a personal consultation.



With smart sensors and carefully tailored programming, we coordinate lights, shades and thermostats to maximize your home’s efficiency. You can monitor your settings and conditions from your mobile device.


Music, movies, sports events, everywhere and anywhere on ultra-high-definition displays and digital sound systems that put you in the action or let you chill after a long day.


A Home’s intelligence comes from its automation system. We feature
Crestron, the American-made industry leader in automation since 1971




Enjoy the convenience, safety and comfort of a home that thinks for you. Our systems are compatible with more smart home products than any other, and can grow as your needs change.


INTEGRATED MEDIA SOLUTIONS uses advanced products and systems that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to your existing home. It’s our duty to make sure you have the best technology going into your home.


All INTEGRATED MEDIA SOLUTIONS designs are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let our customers benefit from the results. And we keep an eye on it, too, just in case.




Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily control our whole life from a remote control? While some aspects of our life just can’t be controlled that way the same can’t be said for most parts of your home. Home automation can be as simple as adjusting the lights or thermostat from the comfort of your couch and as complex as turning your pool filter on while you are away on vacation. Our top of the line Crestron systems allow you to control your home as easily as you change the channels on your television.


No more running around your home flipping switches. With a press of a single button, you add convenience, security and energy efficiency to your home. A button labeled “WELCOME” could be crafted to illuminate a pathway from the foyer to the kitchen. “PARTY” might cue a series of wall sconces to transform your family room into a perfect cocktail area. A lighting control system is extremely convenient and energy efficient. You can turn off every single light in and around the house by simply touching a button by your bed.

Window Coverings

Whether for privacy, energy efficiency, or light control, automated window coverings make it all possible, and very easy. For greater convenience and protection, our systems provide automatic operation, even when you are away. Automated coverings regulate the amount of sunlight coming through a window, controlling glare and keeping harmful solar rays off your carpets, furniture, and artwork. You maintain a more comfortable, consistent temperature throughout the entire home and reduce your energy costs. And you don’t have to struggle with pulling cords on your two story living room windows.

Smart Energy

Create the perfect atmosphere to relax and comfort you and your family – and save money at the same time. Integrated climate control systems precisely regulate temperature and humidity and can save literally thousands of dollars in energy costs and pay for themselves in the first year of ownership. We program the usage patterns of you and your family to maximize the homes efficiency.

Get In Touch

INTEGRATED MEDIA SOLUTIONS is never far away. We’ll be happy to come to your home, office or project site to show you the best that technology can offer.